World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd


World Trade Center Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd is an authorised licensee of Signature Worldwide for: 

Algeria                     Cyprus                   Iraq
Jordan                     Kuwait                    Lebanon
Libya                       Morocco                 Oman
Palestine                 Qatar                      Saudi Arabia
Tunisia                     Egypt                     United Arab Emirates

Signature Worldwide was established in 1986 with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio in the United States of America.  Since its establishment, Signature has helped thousands of clients turn high-level vision and strategy into everyday practice by quickly and permanently changing the behavior of people.  Our proven training programs improve employee performance, increase sales and dramatically elevate customer satisfaction.

Signature is vigorously spreading around the globe.  Signature products and services are currently offered in over 71 countries around the world through licensees such as Signature Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd.

Our Vision 

We're passionate about aligning your organisation, your employees and your customers and we do so by developing and strengthening your team's skills in managing customer interactions.

We do this to help you to:

  • Outshine the competition
  • Send customer satisfaction ratings through the roof
  • Create lasting change through cultural transformation

Our vision is to be the leading provider of unique hospitality business solutions in our region.

At Signature, we believe in Doing the Right Thing, Taking Pride in What We Do, Making It Fun, Passing Our Knowledge On, and Being Legendary!

Our Mission 
Deliver Legendary customer experiences, provide expert, personalised and customised training and business solutions with a consistent and reliable methodology.

Offer value for money through exceptional customer service and streamlined operations.

Offer new and niche programs for hospitality and non-hospitality clients.

WTC Cyprus - Trust Re Building
359, 28th October Street
2nd Floor
CY-3107 Limassol

Tel: +357 25 588116

Fax: +357 25 588299




Antony Georgakis - Operations Manager