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Location: Jordan

Jordan is a small country with few natural resources, but it has played a pivotal role in the struggle for power in the Middle East. Jordan's significance results partly from its strategic location at the crossroads of what most Christians, Jews and Muslims call the Holy Land. It is a key ally of the US and, together with Egypt, one of only two Arab nations to have made peace with Israel. The desert kingdom emerged out of the post-World War I division of the Middle East by Britain and France. Britain separated out a semi-autonomous region of Transjordan from Palestine in the early 1920s, and the area gained its independence in 1946 and it adopted the name of Jordan in 1950.

Full name: The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan
Population: 8,185,384 (July 2016 est.)
Capital: Amman
Area: 89,342 sq km (34,492 sq miles)
Major language: Arabic
Major religion: Islam

Jordan's economy is among the smallest in the Middle East, with insufficient supplies of water, oil and other natural resources, underlying the government's heavy reliance on foreign assistance. Since King Abdullah II's accession to the throne in 1999, liberal economic policies have resulted in a continuing boom.

Jordan is the 4th freest economy in the Middle East and North Africa, beating traditionally free economies like Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Lebanon. Jordan's developed and modern banking sector is becoming the investment destination of choice and due to its conservative bank policies together with its limited exposure to overseas capital markets, helped Jordan escape the worst of the global financial crisis of 2009.

GDP: $39.45 billion (2015 est.)

GDP by Sector: Agriculture: 4.2%, industry: 29.6%, services: 66.2% (2016 est.)

Exports: $7.124 billion (2016 est.)

Main Exports: Clothing, fertilizers, potash, phosphates, vegetables, pharmaceuticals.

Imports: $17.86 billion (2016 est.)

Main Imports: Crude oil, machinery, transport equipment, iron, cereals.

World Trade Centers Holdings Cyprus, holds the license for the Dead Sea, which is deep in the Jordan Valley and 55 km southeast of Amman, is one of the most spectacular natural and spiritual landscapes in the whole world. It is the lowest body of water on earth, the lowest point on earth and the world's richest source of natural salts, hiding wonderful treasures that accumulated throughout thousands of years. These natural elements give the waters of the Dead Sea certain curative properties, recognized since the days of Herod the Great over 2000 years ago and continue to be used nowadays for healing purposes.


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