World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd



Trade and commerce are no newcomers to our region. Indeed, the roots of this industry date as far back as 1200 BC, when the Phoenicians established the first trade routes throughout the Mediterranean region. Sailing off from Lebanon in search of trade partners, they gradually colonized most of the Mediterranean shores and moved westwards, eventually discovering the Atlantic Ocean.

Although the Phoenicians became known as the quintessential traders, it is their intellectual contribution to society which guaranteed their place in history. Travelling from port to port, they served as missionaries of civilization, bringing Eastern Mediterranean products and culture to new lands and people.

Many centuries later, we are following in the footsteps of the earliest traders in our region. Operating under the umbrella of the World Trade Center Association, our activities today are globally structured, while modern transport and communication greatly facilitate our mission.

The establishment of World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd is an expression of our strong belief that worldwide prosperity is a by-product of global trade. Through our multicultural organization, we will do our utmost to bring together people, businesses and countries.