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Supporting the role of women in general and mother in particular


Between home and her role as a mother to her tasks in the labor market, the role of women has become essential in various aspects of life, and her role is no longer complementary to what men do, but has become an entity with all the aspects for success, whether at home or at the head of her work. The perception of women who are now in charge of management role are carrying out functions to the fullest, thus, the success and differentiation of some companies are linked to the role played by these women. In this context we will review the experience of working women of Nest Investments Holdings Ltd and its associated branches, these women have reserved a global place at the level of commercial companies, where they have a prominent role in the company's development and success.

How did Nest Investments Holdings Ltd succeed in giving its working women a role, how did the company's leading women assess their role and what is their view that about the Nest Investments Holdings Ltd? These questions are answered by a number of working mothers and leaders at Nest Investments Holdings Ltd.

Biljana Kocevska Adam, Head of Human Resources at Nest Investments Holdings Ltd.- Cyprus, talks about her experience in the group and points out:  I enjoy excellent working conditions, minimal overtime required, a flexible work schedule, a supportive supervisor, a very hospitable organizational culture, my personal experience is positive, and as a human resources manager, I try to make sure that it is positive for all women working in our organisation as well.

Adam praises the company’s offering on the working mothers within its team, noting that the company values the family and accepts working mothers, making it a great place for women to work together.
She adds: “Our company shows respect for working mothers, and we are close to each other celebrating the personal lives of our colleagues, organizing events for the families of our employees, and enjoying holiday parties together”.

As the Director of Chief Operating Officer at Trust Compass in Lebanon Lina Farajallah says: "I can't imagine my life without a job, it gives me self-confidence and the feeling that I am an important individual in society, especially in Trust Compass. I have been working with Trust Compass for more than 25 years and currently the Chief Operating Officer, including the customers and agents servicing with whom we communicate periodically. She indicates that intelligent practical women can fully reconcile the requirements of work and family, giving everyone the right amount of time required. In addition, to carrying out domestic duties, care for family members, and providing all kinds of family support, so that beloved family members do not feel shortage or have any regret about her working.
Farajallah points out that Trust Compass Insurance is part of Trust Holdings Insurance Group, main branch in Cyprus, and Trust Compass has a number of branches in Lebanon and employs more than 50 employees distributed across different departments and branches.
She concludes: "The situation of working women has varied with the passage of years and society's perception of them has been reduced by the difficulties of society to family difficulties, which revolve around how to coordinate between the terms and requirements of work and family requirements."

"My experience as a working woman has many successes and challenges that have helped me get to know myself deeper and set my goals to a way that satisfies me and gives me the incentive to do more work and achievements," said Zein Shiyyab, Head of Business processing at Trust Holdings in Jordan.

In her view, the greatest difficulty faced by working women is faith in their ability and determination to find the right opportunity and place for them, working to satisfy their desire to satisfy themselves first, and then to seek income for themselves and their families.
And she continues:" I consider myself one of the lucky women in the Arab world because I grew up in a family that supports women and encourages them to learn and develop and depend on themselves mainly. Then the role of her husband as a cornerstone of her development and continuity. She adds I also had luck during my Successful carrier to be accompanied by supporting managers.
She considers herself as one of the lucky people to be a member of Trust Holdings family in the person of its president Mr. Ghazi Abunahl, who believes in the role of women and gives her the opportunity to lead and space for creativity. She indicates that she has received a lot of privileges and the opportunity to learn and develop, as well as the opportunity attending intensive and advanced courses in strategic change from global schools in management, to direct support from managers and coaching education during an experience that was my first-ever work."

Shiyyab expresses its appreciation for the Trust Holdings company through its managers to stand beside their employees, inquire about their families, and to follow up on any exceptional case or circumstance that any employee may go through with all humanity. In addition, there are no requirements for work during the weekends, and official holidays. The Holy month of Ramadan is given a special characteristic for employees to be with their families, in addition to the honor and appreciation that women receive from the company on Mother’s Day and International Women's Day, which constitutes an incentive for them, and for this all, Shiyyab herself is considered one of the lucky ones as a woman within the family members.

Dona Salem, Events Manager at the World Trade Center Beirut, notes that as a working woman she seeks coordination between her work on one side and her home and family on the other side.
Salem stresses that a working woman faces many difficulties, especially if her children are still young, but she sees that when a woman sets a goal in mind, she sacrifices some family matters in favor of her work and she must reconcile her professional ambition with her role as a mother and wife. It is considered that the smart woman is the one who knows how to coordinate between her work and her family matters so that this does not reflect negatively on her, and she is able to reconcile between work and family giving the work its right.

Salem pointed out that the World Trade Center Beirut was and still is a believer in our role as pioneering women in our field of work and it provides us with all support at various levels, which contributes to raising the name of the World Trade Center higher, contributed to its success, and she stressed on the importance of loyalty and credibility in work to achieve success. "
Salem talked about the World Trade Center Beirut, which was found in order to bring business people closer and help companies so that they can learn about new job markets and specialized people who are able to complete and develop their businesses.
Salem also indicates that the center provides services for renting offices and providing services for companies wishing to open branches in Lebanon. In addition, it worked to secure trade missions and facilitating global trade matters, the World Trade Center Beirut organized a number of conferences, including: Liberalization of Arab trade, the electronic crime conference, the real estate market conference in Beirut, and the social responsibility conference.

So, after talking about the experience of working mothers, we pay tribute to women in general and for working mothers on this special Happy Mother’s Day. The mother is the foundation of society, and working women have become a pillar for the better development for societies and for its progress.

The role of women and their empowerment in society has become essential in the process of the development of society and the access of women to their rights has become a key factor for any society to enhance its social, cultural and professional level, which is reflected in the development of conscious and aware generations, away from the concept of masculinity and monotheism in society by establishing the principle of dualism between men and women.

In conclusion, it became clear to the extent of the need for the role of women in the family and society, which became urgent in light of the requirements of life which has become innumerable. Therefore, it is no longer possible to talk about the development of the modern superior society without looking at the role played by women, which has become essential to ensure the condition of survival and the continuation of life.