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Election of Ghazi Abunahl to the WTCA Board

Election of Ghazi Abunahl to the WTCA Board


World Trade Center Amman a member of World Trade Center Holdings Cyprus is privileged and honoured to announce that our Director Ghazi Abu Nahl has been re-elected to serve on the Board of the World Trade Centers Association (WTCA). Ghazi has been a Board Member since 2006, from 2008 until 2016 he was the Board chair. He was also made the emeritus Chairman of the Association in 2019.

Our Group holds several licenses in North Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. At every location where we have a license our group also operates an insurance or reinsurance entity with real estate supporting the WTC operations.

Our Group is engaged in several significant real estate and trading activities projects in the regions we operate within. Some of these projects will have direct and positive impact on our WTC locations in terms of activity and reputation. The future of the Association and the direction it takes over the coming years belong to the members, which our Group has a significant stake in.
Ghazi stated that he is proud to have been part of this family and would like to show his gratitude being elected from WTC Amman to serve the WTCA Board.