World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd


Statement by Ghazi Abunahl for the 2021 Nomination and Election to the Board of World Trade Centers Association


Dear members,

I have had the honour and privilege of being a Board member since 2006. From 2008 until 2016 I was the Board chair. I was also made the emeritus Chairman of the Association in 2019.
Since 2008 with determination, hard work and cooperation between the Board, HQ staff and the wider membership, we overcame many challenges. The Association is now more transparent, with clear strategies and the wider membership has more knowledge of the Board’s plans and aspirations.

Below are some of the Governance issues introduced during my time as a Board member:
1. Adoption of new Corporate Governance policies and procedures
2. Historic election of the Board members in 2010 at Beijing meeting.
3. Improved selection processes of the Board members with
accountability to membership.
4. Creation of Vision, Mission, Strategies and Values
5. Preparation of 3 year rolling business plan and budget
6. Appointment of CEO
7. Setting up Board committees
8. Approval of the Audited Financial Statements by member at the
General Assembly
9. Protection of Trademark
10. Defending legal challenges successfully
11. Creation of WTCA Asia Pacific office in Beijing a wholly owned
subsidiary of WTCA
12. Setting up WTCA Hong Kong for profit Holding company
13. Creation of high-level digital platform
14. Regionalisation policy

Whilst I am very proud of these accomplishments achieved with the cooperation of members, Board colleagues and HQ team, I believe the Chairman and the Board are engaged in further enhancing the membership services, WTCA brand, and the number of members with quality facilities and services.

What we have put in place over the period marks the re-positioning of the Association to be stronger, more professional and competent.
What remains to be done is to secure the long-term future vision of the association as a global trade network facilitator of the 21st Century. We are the largest Trade Association with members across the globe providing services to our members promoting trade. The value of the brand is our asset and to protect and enhance it we need to grow trade through iconic real estate locations.
I have also had the privilege and pleasure to represent our Association at the B20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, in September 2016. I have also represented the association in CIFIT China over an 8-year period.
The future of the Association and the direction it takes over the coming years belong to the members, which my Group has a significant stake in.
I am proud to have been part of this family and I respectfully seek your support and encouragement to continue to be an active member for the last time.