World Trade Centers Holdings (Cyprus) Ltd


Statement by Mehran Eftekhar for the 2021 Nomination and Election to the Board of World Trade Centers Association


Dear Members of the Association,

It is my great pleasure and honor to have served on the Board of Association for the last 9 years.

I have also been involved with the Association as a member for almost 30 years. Our Group holds several licenses in North Africa, Middle East, Europe, and Australia. Many of our operating centers are certified by the Association and we have plans for the other centers to follow soon when the accreditation program starts.
At every location where we have a license our group also operates an insurance or reinsurance entity with real estate supporting the WTC operations.
Our Group is engaged in several significant real estate and trading activities projects in the regions we operate within. Some of these projects will have direct and positive impact on our WTC locations in terms of activity and reputation.

My background is that of Finance. I am a UK Qualified Chartered accountant with OVER 40 years of experience in corporate finance, strategy, due diligence, acquisition, Governance, Compliance, Risk management and multiple directorships in regulated entities.

I am also a Fellow member and a Chartered Director with the UK Institute of Directors.

I have extensive experience in managing and directing multiple functions including Strategy setting, Governance Audit, Risk Management, Human Resources, and Information Technology.

In addition to my board membership of a few our Group companies, I am a member or chairman of several Group board committees including Audit and Risk in highly regulated countries such as the United Kingdom, and Republic of Cyprus

I am a strong believer in the World Trade Center Brand as a strong and tangible symbol of bridging the trade gap, created by artificial borders, under the positive and cooperative banner of WTC.
I know many of the active members of the Association, most of whom I count as dear friends, and know the benefits of effective networking opportunities in addition to the real estate opportunities.

I am the Chairman of Audit and Risk Committee of our Association and in the past, I have been closely involved with the Association’s Corporate Governance Committee at the time of designing the new processes and therefore, I am very familiar with the Board and board committee mandates. I am also a Board member of the European Regional Advisory Committee (ERAC).

In the current challenging global trading environment, the growing importance of processes I am conversant with such as Risk Management, Internal Audit and Corporate Governance, I believe my re-election to the Board and board committees will continue to add significant value to the good governance of the Association in support of the wider membership, and Head Office staff.

I hope we can meet soon and thanking you in advance for your support and friendship.

Kind personal regards,

Mehran Eftekhar